Alanza Andrade is the wife of Marcos Andrade and the mother of Loba that was killed at the beginning of Apex Legends 2.


The name Alanza means Ready for battle. Feminine of Alonzo.

Andrade is a surname of Galician origin, which emerged in the 12th century as the family name of the knights and lords of the small parish of San Martiño de Andrade (St. ... There is a notable Jewish branch which originated in Portugal in the 17th century as da Costa d'Andrade, and soon moved into England.


Alanza was first seen sitting down with her daughter, Loba. After she ran to her dad and they sat down, they toast and Marcos gave his daughter something before Revenant came crashing though and started to kill everyone in the room that was in his way. After Revenant was done killing the guards, she shot him but it did nothing and he shot back, killing her off.

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