Flyers are four wingged dragons that appeared in Apex Legends Season 2 that hold death boxes and sit around as they watch people kill each other.


Flyers name is due to their appearance. Their real names are unknown but the people of Apex Legends call them Flyers as a nickname.



Flyers are four winged dragons. They have four wings while some of them are orange and blue. They have a single row of spikes that runs down from their head and to their back.

Flyers also have no eyes and have a crest that forms from the back of the head. It's unknown how Flyers see or not but it could be sense body heat.

They also use their wings are limb support because they most sit then fly around.


Flyers have a screech sound that sometimes annoys people. If you walk up to one in a cage, they freak out and screech and bang on the cage that they're in. If you walk away, the Flyers calm down.


Flyers are large creatures (around the same size as a Titan) that possess six limbs. Four of these limbs are wings that allow the creature to fly through the air at great heights and speeds. The creatures also possess large tusks on their head just below the mouth. They can be often seen trailing and soaring around the creatures known as Leviathans, latching onto them and acting as parasites.[1]

Aside from their (apparent) homeworld on planet Leviathan, they can also be seen on a variety of other worlds - primarily at IMC military installations such as Airbase Sierra, the Swampland surrounding the Fleet Operations Base, the Fold Weapon testing Complex on Typhon and Base Golden. Like the Leviathans, the Flyers were likely transported to the Airbase via panspermia - the IMC manually breeding and transporting specimens to the planet.[2][3]

The Flyers are vicious enough that they have no qualms about engaging fully armed squads of infantry and carrying away entire humans, ripping apart advanced IMC aircraft[4], ripping through armoured vehicles[5] and causing enough danger that air wings stationed at Airbase Sierra cannot take off for a period of around six hours, during the Flyer swarms' regular migrations.[6]

On Typhon (and presumably Leviathan), Flyers are also known to prey on Prowlers, though are not seen engaging active forces. They can be seen engaging in ARES Division labratories, though cannot be seen in the wilds until after the base's destruction.



Flyers have four wings that they can fly with to unknown distance and great speed sometimes.

Strength and Combat

Flyers have claws on their feet and can claw at their prey if they annoy them.



Flyers can be easily killed by with any type of guns. They were use as test subjects to test the guns sometimes and maybe still the reason why some of them are in cages still.

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