Goliath are giant like beast that appeared in Apex Legends: The Old Ways. A backstory for Bloodhound.



Goliath's are giant like beast with four, yellow eyes and a mouth of razor sharp teeth. They have two horns on the side of their head and on the top as well.

They have a muscular body, similar to gorillas. They have five claws on their hands and about three claws on their feet. Most Goliath's appear with a green back and a tan skin for coloring. They also have a row of long spikes on their backs as well on their elbows and chin.


When Bloodhound encounter one in a underground abandoned building after discovering the Charge Rifle, he fired it at the beast as it was chasing him and it fell, breaking one of its horns off.

After Bloodhound left, the beast woke up and tracked the scent of its missing horn to Artur's home where it passed Bloodhound and walked towards where it notice where the missing horn was. Bloodhound yelled Artur and caught the Goliath's attention. The Goliath chased Bloodhound down and smacked him before he could use the Charge Rifle again on it. Artur came and slashed the beast to gets it's attention. Artur warned some nearby people after the Goliath fell down for a second and Artur's got its attention once more. Artur and the Goliath fought until it used its size to overweight Artur and smack him against a tree. Then some locals came to help and slay the beast but it bit on one of them and threw the body away. After it dealt with the three locals, it notice Bloodhound as he threw a core from the Charge Rifle at the beast, forcing the other locals it hasn't killed yet back as it walked away back its lair.

After Bloodhound went back to its lair, the Goliath notice Bloohound and chased him down in its lair until it cornered Bloodhound after Bloodhound tried to block the two of them. Then Bloodhound threw his heirloom at a pipe, releasing some freezing gas to freeze the beast in place. Then Bloodhound walked on the beast and destroyed it, killing it off.



Goliaths have five claws to slash their prey with.

Speed and Agility

Goliaths have great speed and agility. It was able to catch up with Bloodhound when it first spotted Bloodhound.

Strength and Combat

Goliaths have been proven to be named "The Beast that none has Slatra" It took take out a village of people without a problem.



Charge Rifle, and other weapons can stab and hurt the Goliaths.

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