Leviathans are gargantuan, lurching, hulking creatures that live on The Frontier.


Leviathan's name means "a sea monster referred to in the Bible. ... The word has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature. In classical literature (such as the novel Moby-Dick) it refers to great whales, and in Modern Hebrew, it means simply "whale."



Leviathan is the largest creature ever seen in Apex Legends and in the Titanfall Universe. They have four, huge, long legs that can crush anything without them knowing. They also have a long tail to smack their prey from the sky. They also have a single horn on the top of their head and two horns near the mouth of the beast.

People have claim that Leviathans have tendrils that come out of their mouth to grab ground prey or leaves to eat. They mostly eat leaves while they will eat human like prey also. They skin is rough and protects the body from incoming missiles.

Background (Origins)

Many stories tall, these giant creatures inhabit their namesake planet, Leviathan. They seemingly do not possess any hostility towards those on its planet and Flyers are commonly seen soaring around these beasts. Aside from their eponymous homeworld, Leviathans have also been seen on a number of other Frontier locales including the fourth moon of Demeter, on which they were a constant threat to (and eventual destruction of) Airbase Sierra. Leviathans can also be found in the region surrounding King's Canyon.  It is presently unknown how Leviathans have come to inhabit so many planets in different star systems, though speculation by Grunts has indicated that the process of panspermia is the explanation, be it natural or due to IMC experimentation artificially introducing Leviathan lifeforms to new worlds and ecosystems. 


Rough Armor

Leviathans have bulletproof armor that can withstand anything that comes at them.

Huge Size

Leviathan's huge size is what makes them scary and not to mess with.


In the Halloween event, Levianthans can breath green fire out of their mouths.

Crushing Feet

Leviathans legs can crush their prey and trees without them even noticing! So watch out.

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