Spiders or mostly called Loot Bin Spiders (LBS for short) are huge spiders that live in loot bins and were seen in Apex Legends.


Spiders don't have name because they're most are called LBS.



Spiders look like normal spiders but bigger. They glow in the dark and mostly hunt at night. They have six legs and this thing that comes out of their mouth to grab their prey with and inject venom into them. The Spider's venom turn those victims into Zombies and must avoid at all time.

They have a pattern on their stinger like back but it's been known that these spiders have no stingers. It's unknown why they mostly live in Loot Bins but they're are only found on King's Canyon. Some of the LBS mostly hunt in packs and eat their victims if they feel hungry enough.


LBS are portrayed by CGI.


LBS mostly have a screeching sound to scare their victims with before some of them run away or pound on you.

Background (Origins)

It's unknown why they're are only found in King's Canyon but it's also a good thing. These spiders or LBS have a deadly venom that turns humans into zombies in a matter of hours if the spiders leave their victim alone or if their too fast for them. They mostly nocturnal and mostly is a good thing. Also, Flyers hunt these Spiders as medium food or a snack.


Zombie Venom

Spiders or LBS have venom that can turn humans into zombies in the matter of hours until they found a cure. A cure has never been found.


Spiders can sense that you're coming near they're home and will wait for a sneak attack.


Bigger Preys

Since Flyers hunt these spiders, they hide from them and could be the reason why they hide in Loot Bins. They also hide from Leviathans to make sure they don't get spotted and smash to bits.


  • A smaller spider is one of the animations on Caustic's heirloom that jumps out at him before he flicks it away.
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