Zombies or Loot Bin Zombies (LBZ for short) are deformed humans that appear in Apex Legends that jump otu from Loot Bins to scare players.


As most of us are aware, a zombie is a corpse without a soul which people believe has been brought back to life by witchcraft or other supernatural means, and the origin of the word 'zombie' shows us why this is. ... The term zombie or zombi originally also referred to a snake-god in the voodoo religion of West Africa.



Zombies look like deformed humans. One zombie looks like a deformed Octane as the image shows but not Octane. All Zombies have bite marks from the bites from LBS (Loot Bin Spider). They also can be killed again and mostly hide in Loot Bins to hide from the Flyers and Leviathans.


LBZ are portrayed by CGI.


LBZ are mostly made up of grunts and moaning to warn near by people.

Background (Origins)

Zombies are created by the Bite of Spiders because their bite have a deadly venom that can turn a human into a zombie in a matter of hours! No cure has been found so far unless if you shot the victim who has been bitten by a Spider, that's one cure. Shooting the host of the venom will kill the venom itself and die out. The crew members were the ones mostly bitten. Lucky, they were able to contain that zombies since the outbreak and they weren't able to get off of King's Canyon because they can't swim.


The Bite

Zombies can spread the venom by biting someone else who isn't infected.


Bigger Prey

When Zombies loam in the night, sometimes Flyers pick them up and eat their heads off to eat them. They also have to avoid Leviathans if they don't want to get crushed.


  • The deformed Zombie almost looks like Octane at some point of view or different angles.
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